Assist suit jointly developed with a doctor
In cloud-Funding


Support Gear
for labor burden

bonbone MOTT

With assistive function according to each work
Make your body easier

DARWING hakobelude

Assist suit
like clothes

Daiya is a manufacturer of supporting system
to develop products with reliable sewing technology and high fitting technology
cultivated for over 50 years.

We are supported by the fact that we research and
develop products based on evidence data and continue to meet various needs.

collaborative companies


Promote work style reforms with scientifically based Support Gear

Many people who are involved in work such as
in industry, agriculture, medical care and welfare have
a lot of physical burden and complain physical pain.

We would like to energize the working people
by providing our Support Gears that are highly effective
in reducing the work load.

We utilize the know-how cultivated in the support technology of medical products
and we assist you to work more actively.


Daiya, with more than 50 years of sewing experience has developed and manufactured braces and supports. We are particular about “Made in Japan” and manufacture high quality products. There are as many health needs as there are people. We are refining our manufacturing spirit and technology, hoping to meet all of these requirements.


We do not compromise on the structural design of the product so that users say that it is "really useful".
We take the idea into shape, make prototypes until we are satisfied, and send only those backed by objective evidence data to the world as finished products.

Ease of use

We would like to be close to people's pain and support workers. We collect needs related to labor reduction based on the voices of the field and develop products. And even after the prototype, we will conduct a monitor survey on site to pursue ease of use. We develop wearable, easy-to-move products that are close to the workers.



  • I don't know what size to buy

    We recommend you to get bigger size in case 2 sizes are applied.
    If you have a trouble choosing the right size, please measure the size and contact us by phone or inquiry form.

  • Will it power up with supports? Can I feel a luggage is light?

    No, it will not power up. The purpose is to reduce the burden on the body.

  • Are these products medical device?

    Braces and supports are not medical devices in Japan. For other countries, please contact us.

  • Do you have demo samples?

    Yes, it is limited to corporate customers.

    《Demo samples》
    There are demo samples available except for some products. *For detail, please contact us.
    As the number of demo samples is limited, you might wait for the samples to use.

    《Period of use》
    It is up to 2 weeks.

    《How to request demo samples》
    If you wish to request demo samples, please contact us by phone or use inquiry form
    TEL: +81-86-282-1258(Operating hours:8:30 to 17:30 Mon-Fri except for public holidays)

  • Is there any place to try products on?

    <General customers>
    Most of products are available at our shop "DAIYA FACTORY"

    1125 Koshinden Minamiku, Okayama City, Okayama 701-0203 Japan
    TEL: +81-86-282-1258
    Operating hours/Weekdays 10:00~18:00 Saturday and public holiday 9:00~17:00 

    <Corporation customers>
    Contact us by phone or use inquiry form
    TEL: +81-86-282-1258 (Operating hours: 8:30~17:30 Mon-Fri)

  • Is product washable?

    Hand-wash with neutral detergent below 30 degrees. Avoid using bleach, iron, dryer and dry cleaning. Please dry in the shade after washing.
    For more detail, check instruction for use.

  • Where can I buy products?

    <General customers>
    Contact us by phone, or visit our shop, DAIYA FACTORY or visit online shop in Rakuten.

    +81-86-282-1258(Operating hours: 10:00-18:00)

    1125 Koshinden Minamiku, Okayama City, Okayama 701-0203 JAPAN
    TEL: +81-86-282-1258
    Operating hours/Weekdays 10:00~18:30 Saturday and public holiday 9:00~17:00 

    【Fukushi Koubou】
    Check each product

    <Corporate customers>
    Introduce a distributor if there is a distributor in your country.
    Please contact us by phone or use inquiry form
    TEL: +81-86-282-1258 (Operating hours:8:30~17:30 Mon-Fri)


Assist suit "DARWING Surgical Model" jointly developed with a doctor will be released in advance by crowdfunding.
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We have started mass production of labor reduction assist suit "DARWING Hakobelude".
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"DARWING Hakobelude" was published in the July issue of the monthly AMJ (Agricultural Marketing Journal). For more detail, click here
The weekly Nokei Shinpo (June 7th issue) featured a demonstration experiment of "DARWING Hakobelude" conducted in collaboration with Tottori Prefecture. For more detail, click here
We have started a smart farming project with Koyo High School in Okayama Prefecture, using "DARWING Hakobelude" and "bonbone MOTT". For more detail, click here(Go to an external site)
Tottori Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department and smart agriculture "DARWING Hakobelude" demonstration project has started. For more detail, click here(Go to an external site)
New product "DARWING Hakobelude" promotion video was released. For more detail, click here
New product "Working Assist AS" sales reservation has started. Product page is Here
We have started build-to-order manufacturing of the new product "DARWING Hakobelude". For more detail, click here
We have launched new product "Working Assist LB". For more detail, click here
We have launched new product " DARWING PA-Jacket".For more detail, click here
bonbone MOTT was featured in the September issue of Hyundai Agriculture.
A new product "DARWING PA-Jacket" will be exhibited at Ryokujuuji Exhibition.
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We will exhibit products at Ryokujuuji Exhibition 2019.Click here for detail(Go to Ryokujuuji Exhibition)
Work website is open.